Public Clipart Collection #72

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The first man Genesis 1:27

The first murder Genesis 4:8

The first sin Genesis 3:8

The first word Genesis 1:3

The flight into Egypt Matthew 2:13

The good tidings Luke 2:8-9

The home life of Jesus Luke 2:51

The Lame man healed Acts 3:6-7

The last of the prophets Malachi 4:2

The liars doom Acts 5:6

The living water John 4:10

The meeting of Jacob and Esau Genesis 33

The paralytic healed Mark 2:3-11

The parting of the ways Genesis 13

The rainbow covenant Genesis 9-

The raising of Lazarus John 11-4

The report of the minority Numbers 14:24

The rod transformed Exodus 7:10

The smitten rock Exodus 17:6

The star of Bethlehem Matthew 2:19