Public Clipart Collection #71

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The calling of Elisha 1Kings 19:19

The call of Abram Genesis 12:1

The call of Moses Exodus3:2

The call of Samuel 1Samuel 3:10

The captain of the lord's host Joshua 5:13-15

The cave of Machpelah Genesis 23

The city of refuge Deut 19:56

The crucifixion Mathew 27:35

The curse and the cure Numbers 21:9

The death of Eli 1Samuel 4:18

The death of John the baptist Matthew14-6-10

The dedication of the temple 1Kings 1:8

The demoniac of Gadara Mark 5:2

The denial Mark 14:67-68

The discouraged prophet 1Kings 19

The door opened to the gentiles Acts 10:34

The faithful prophet 2Samuel 12:7

The fateful lot Joshua 7:18

The fiery trial Daniel 3:12

The first altars Genesis 4:3-4