Public Clipart Collection #70

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Pharaoh's last chance Exodus 10

Philip and the eunuch Acts 8:30

Rebekah at the well Genesis 24:15

Rehoboams fall 1Kings 12:8

Ruth gleaning in the field of Boaz Ruth 2:2

Sampsons death Judges16-30

Sampson smiting the Phillistines Judges 15

Saul anointed 1Samuel 10:1

Saul's conversion Acts 9:4

Saul's doom 1Samuel 15:26

Saul's suicide 1Samuel 31:4

Solomon and the queen of Sheba 1Kings 10

Stephen the first christian martyr Acts 7:55

The adoration Matthew2:11

The ark in the enemys hands 1Samuel 5

The ark of the covenant Exodus 37

The ascension Luke 24:51

The baptism Matthew 3:13

The betrayal Luke22:47

The broken law Exodus 32:19