Public Clipart Collection #69

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Job in the depths of suffering Job 3:20-26

Jobs restoration Job 42

Jonah waiting for the destruction Jonah 4

Joseph feasting with his brethren Genesis 43

Joseph in prison Genesis 39:20

Josephs brethren come to buy corn Genesis 42

Joseph sends for Jacob Genesis 45

Joseph the prime minister Genesis 42

Lot's escape from Sodom Genesis 19

Mark 7:42

Mordecai the Jew at the city gate Esther 3:2

Moses in the bulrushes Exodus 2-

Moses on mount Nebo Deut 32:49-5

Nehemiah amid the ruins of Jerusalem Nehemiah 2:13-15

Offering up Isaac Genesis22:10

Paul before Agrippa Acts 26:1

Paul departing Acts 20:38

Paul in a storm acts 27:21

Paul in Rome Acts 28:16

Pentecost Acts 2:1