Public Clipart Collection #68

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Elijah warning Ahab 1Kings 17:1

Elijah went up by a whirlwind into heaven 2Kings 2:11

Elisha's deathbed 2Kings 13:14

Elisha with the fallen mantle of Elijah 2Kings 2:13

Entering the ark Genesis 7:7

Esthers perilous approach Esther5:1-3

Esther the beautiful Esther2:15

Ezera reading the law Nehemiah 8:1-3

Finding of the law 2Chronicles3

Hagers extremity Genesis 21:16

Haman humiliated Esther 6:10-11

Jacob before pharaoh Genesis 47:7

Jacob deceived by his sons Genesis 37:31-33

Jacob deceiving his father Genesis 27:19-25

Jacob parting with Benjamin Genesis 43:11

Jacobs death bed Genesis 49:33

Jacobs vision at Bethel Genesis 28:10-15

Jeroboams fall 1Kings 13:4

Jesus washing the disciples feet John13:6

Job in prosperity Job 1:3