Public Clipart Collection #67

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Abraham entertaining angels Genesis 18:1-14

Abram and Melchizedek Genesis 14:18-20

A grateful sinner Luke 7-38

A model ruler Nehemiah 13:21

A nation of slaves Exodus 1:14

Bartimeus Mark 10:46-52

Belshazzars feast Daniel 5:1-4

Burning of the scrolls Acts 19:19

Carried captive to Babylon 2Kings24:15

Christs first miracle John 2:7-8

Crossing the Red sea Exodus 14:2

Daniel at prayer Daniel 6:10-11

Daniel in the den of linons Daniel 6:16

David and Goliath 1Samuel 17:51

David anointed 1Samuel 16:13

Davids charge to Solomon 1Kings

David the fugitive king 2 Samuel 15:13-37

Delilah the temptress Judges 16

Destruction of Babel Genesis 11

Elijah at horeb 1Kings 19:11