Public Domain Clipart Collection #56 1890 Holman Bible B/W

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Paul taking leave of the elders

Paul writing his epistles in prison

Peace be unto you

Peter and John at the beautiful gate

Peter saved by Jesus

Presentation of Jesus in the temple

Priest, highpriest, Levite

Proverbs of Solmon 5

Proverbs of Solomon 1

Proverbs of Solomon 2

Proverbs of Solomon 3

Proverbs of Solomon 4

Proverbs of Solomon 6

Putting the cup in Benjamin's sack

Queen Ester before the king

Queen Vashti refusing to obey the commands of Ahasuerus

Rahab concealing the spies

Rejoicings of the Israelites upon the rebuilding of Jerusalem

Ruth and Naomi

Ruth gleaning in Boazs field