Public Domain Clipart Collection #5

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DEUT 15 - Take an awl and thrust it through his ear

DEUT 17 - They shal shew thee the sentence of judgement

DEUT 19 - If any man hate his neighbour

DEUT 20-2 And when ye come nigh unto battle

DEUT 26-2 Offering of First Fruits

DEUT 25-4 Thou shalt not muzzle the ox

DEUT 31-14 Moses and Joshua presented themselves

DEUT 34-5 Death of Moses on mount nebo

DEUT 33-17 Unicorn

JOSH 3 - 17 Crossing the Jordan

JOSH 2 - 6 Hid them with stalks

JOSH 2 - 15 Her house was upon the town wall

JOSH 5 - 14 Captain of the Hosts

JOSH 7 - 2 Go up and view the country

JOSH 14 - 2 By lot was their inheritance

JOSH 24 - 26 Joshua took a great stone

JOSH 24 - 32 And the bones of Joseph

JUDGES 1 - 15 Thou hast given me a south land

JUDGES 2 - 4 The people lifted up their voice and wept