Public Domain Clipart Collection #48

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Elijah and the woman who shared her last cake

Abraham and Lot part ways

Johnathan shoots an arrow to warn David about Saul

Johnathan and David the best of friends

Joseph interprets the dreams of pharoh's servants in prison

Daniel and his friends refuse wine

David plays the harp for Saul

David gives praise to God after killing a lion to save a lamb

Jesus in manger with Mary

The great gift of the poor widow

Lydia hears the good news from Paul

Ezra thanks God for his help

Samuel brought to Eli

When 2 or 3 are gathered I am in the midst

The destruction of Pharoh's army

Thank offering unto the Lord

Adam in the garden of Eden

Jesus and the lost sheep

He led them by a pillar of cloud and fire

Joash crowned king

Joseph made 2nd highest ruler in Egypt

Jacob sees Joseph again in Egypt

Joseph's brothers decieve Jacob about what happened to Joseph

Jesus before his return to heaven

The woman and her son before Elisha rasies him from the dead