Public Domain Clipart Collection #4

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LEV 25 - Proclamation of Jubilee


NUM 7 - The offering of the princes

NUM 9 - Slaying the paschal lamb

NUM 13 - Moses sent them to spy out the land

NUM 13 - The return of the spies

2 SAM 6 - 5 So David l brought up the ark

NUM 17 - The rod of Aaron was budded

NUM 22 - Water out of the rock

1 CHRON 29 -22 And they made Solomon king

NUM 27 - He laid hands upon him, and gave him a charge

NUM 29 - A day of blowing the trumpets unto you

NUM 31 - Triumphal return of Israelites

DEUT 1 - Moses spake unto all Israel

I KINGS 21 - 13 The men of Belial witnessed

DEUT 6 - Thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house

DEUT 9 - I fell down before the Lord