Public Domain Clipart Collection #3

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EXOD 35 - Free gifts for the tabernacle

EXOD 36 - Proclamation to the people

EXOD 37 - Fashioning the furniture for the tabernacle

EXOD 40 - Setting up the tabernacle

LEV 1 - Aaron and his sons preparing a burnt sacrifice

LEV 4 - His offering, a kid of the goats

LEV 4 - For his trespass two turtle-doves

EXOD 31 - Moses Receiving Example

LEV 6 - Fire shall ever be burning upon the altar

LEV 8 - High priest in robes and breastplate

LEV 8 - Aaron and his sons laid their hands upon the bullock

LEV 8 - Abide at the door of the tabernacle

LEV 9 - Which when all the people saw

LEV 10 - The sin of Nadab and Abihu

LEV 11 - Coney

LEV 8 - Priest examining for leprosy

LEV 14 - Let go the living bird

LEV 16 - The scapegoat

LEV 25 - Existing walls of Jerusalem

LEV 23 - Gleaning of thy harvest