Public Domain Clipart Collection #2

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GEN 37 - Joseph's coat brought to jacob

GEN 40 - Joseph Interprets the dreams

GEN 42 - Joseph the governor

GEN 45- Joesph makes himself known

GEN 45 - He fell upon his brother benjamin's neck

GEN 46 - Meeting of Jacob and Joseph

GEN 47 - Joseph presents his bretheren to pharaoh

GEN 50 - The fields of Mamre

EXOD 2 - Finding of Moses

EXOD 2 - Moses defending the daughters of jethro

EXOD 7 - Moses and Aaron before pharaoh

EXOD 8 - The pillar of fire

EXOD 14 - The passage of the red sea

EXOD 14 - Pharaoh's army destroyed in the Red Sea

EXOD 19 - Mount Sinai

EXOD 19 - Moses on the mountain

EXOD 26 - Thou halt set the table without the vail

EXOD 28 - Moses called Aaron and his sons

EXOD 28 - Aaron in robes

EXOD 31 - Moses Receiving Law